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    Hi Jackson, mildred,
    I don’t know if a debt ever expires. This man has owed me money for car hire for long. He hired a car from me, even after not paying for many days, he brought the car having had an accident. He is a property agent, he had some commission he expected through his lawyers and the lawyers wrote the attached letter.
    He paid 50,000 in 2015 balance is now 200,000
    Ben of Oluoch Olunya told me Jake spoke with the client and the commissions were paid to him directly. Hence the cat and mouse games there after.
    Please help me recover the money. If paid in full I will dedicate 30,000 for any cause of your choice even if it means airtime for admins.
    Jake kibutu number 0722527010
    Lawyers number Ben 0722512603
    REPORTED BY: Purity Karimi
    DATE REPORTED: January 4, 2020
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