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    Who knows this whore from Germany?
    Any1 who knows her, then, I tell my story with details.
    Now here comes my experience with this German😂😂😂.
    Bitch was introduced to us by a mutual friend that she’d just come to Kenya from Germany for holiday (rolling my eyes). I do car hire. She needed a car. I was out. Work. She contacted my man. They met. She signed all documents. He took her details. For those who are familiar with car hire u know u have to clearly indicate the areas the car would be visiting. Mwende said she will be doing nairobi-machakos.
    Week 1 was smooth. One Friday morning I woke up n checked my car on the phone. Lo n behold! It was at mombasa-malindi highway….
    We called her a zillion times she never picked up our calls. So I switched off the car from my phone. She calls now. I told her she is in breach of the contract she signed. She begged n begged. I told her mombasa rates are different she should add money. She told me nyef nyef about her card..ya bank. Told her its not my problem. She told me “utanitafuta” n left my car on the highway. I got some contacts in Mombasa who went there. Found gari imejaa miraa na pombe yet she had told me she don’t get a chance to inform me coz she had a small baby who sumbuad her till mombasa. There was a thuggish looking man who now had the car n said she is Mwendes driver. I guessed they could have wanted to steal the car n go sell it in Mombasa. The car had left Nairobi afew hours after midnight. The tracking app shows u all the activities of the vehicle.
    She had vanished with my car keys n switched off her phone. I looked for her for 3days.
    Car was towed to a police station in nyali. Sent my bro to get it. Cut new keys. The car was vandalized like shit. Ni kama uyu nyanya ukula chuma. My car got back to nairobi after about a week.
    I used a kamba pal of mine to lure her to my trap. He told her to come he buys her alcohol. Being the whore she is she came running. I got her arrested. My car keys were in her bag n she was now in Nairobi. Akalala ndani. Following day she said she was sick. She’s broke AF. She couldn’t even pay for damages.
    I repaired my car n let it go. Maringo ya 2bob n u got zilch! Shame on u mkongwe wewe. Respect your age n people’s businesses. NONSENSE.
    Here she is at mlolongo police station. It’s near where my pal had lured her with the promise of free beers n a good night😂😂
    OB attached
    Reported by: Naomi Kuraru
    Date reported: August 19, 2017
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