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    This is so real

    The Difference Between A Mechanic And A Makanika:


    Generally presentable. Has a clean rucksack with handy auto-tools. Asks the matter with your car. Opens bonnet, connects a diagnostic kit as he checks out the engine with recommendations. Quick trouble-shoot. Diagnosis, prognosis, and estimated cost. Asks for go-ahead to fix. Does a short testdrive with you once done, and guides on how to mitigate the problem in future. Sends you a related link on WhatsApp.


    Has a black oily coat, that was originally blue. A 3/4 dirty jeans and black trouser poping at the ankles. Walks with an old pliers and ‘tester’ bulb. Claims he repairs ‘all vehicle makes and brands’ and yours is the least expensive of them all.

    Spots you approaching, as you park,he shouts “Hio ni sensor ya gearbox inawachilia. Nimeskia ukikuja”
    Signals you to open bonnet, dips his head in,and begins ordering instructions;
    “Kata reft! right! right kabisa! indicate reft! akisha gari!Dim! Weka newtro! Kanyaga brakes! idicate reft! weka hazard! Brakes na usiachirie!”
    You try to interrupt him in vain…

    He then pops his head from the bonnet, spits some petrol he’s sucked, licks his index finger raises it in the air, and declares “pia fuel pump imeenda hii!Ata sijui vile umefika apa!”

    Then he calls out a ‘young intern’ wearing an oversize (but abit cleaner) dura-coat kabuti.
    “Njoro!! Nipatie twerof haraka!” (spanner size 12).
    At this point you physically intercept him, close the bonnet and tell him that all you wanted was your wipers changed.

    He starts a laid-back search in his oily coat, before finally removing a quarter cigarette (he had saved) lights it up, puffs and points you with it and asks:
    “Bona unanibebaga kiufala ivi I say??bona hukusema ni wiper? Ntakuitia Oti wa wiper, lakini hako kalabour nimefanya wee jua vile utaniangalia..”



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    Try sharing a bed with a makanika, he starts asking you for gathirteen in the middle of the dreams ……🤣🤣


    Kamas area in Kisumu hapo ndio headquarters ya makanika wote. Unaambiwanga….simama tukuundie, aki mguu inazunguka huezi fika kule unaenda. Na ukifanya makosa usimame, hiyo gari itarekebishwa like a million times makosa ata akuna. You end up paying them for something like kupiga jeki, kufungua mguu na kuirudisha.

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