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    So someone wants to hire a car. Together with the guy she contacted, tunaandamana kumpelekea gari hukoo, Githurai 45.

    Once we arrive, the lady comes to meet us in the company of another man. She doesn’t know how to drive so she says we draft the contract in her husband’s name, and she produces to us DL renewal slip (of the alledged hubby), so that we capture the details. The owner of the DL(hubby) is not around, neither is his original ID, nor even its copy. But he is on phone, and tells us he is in hospital.

    The lady insists we just give her the car, since she is the one who will be paying. By the way, its a long term hire, for about 2 months, but will pay for 2days first, thereafter she will be paying daily(one day every day). The lady has a black and white copy of her ID, tena ile ya kitambo, laminated, says hatembeeangi na original ID cos anahofia kuipoteza and that iko tu kwa nyumba. So hajui kudrive, bt huyu mwanaume amekam naye ndo atadrive hadi kule sasa bwanake ako. Huyu mwanaume pia naye hana DL wala ID on him, but anajua kudrive.

    Nature of work: The lady anauzanga manywele, sijui sometimes masimu. So atakuwa anatumia gari kusupply izo bidhaa kwa clients wake. The lady looks btn 45 and 50yrs old, but her alledged copy of ID puts her current age at 40.

    At this juncture, we insist the hubby has to come with his ID to sign the contract. All over a sudden, lugha inabadilika, kuna beshte wao ako within ako na both DL na ID, so tuandikishe huyo. And indeed another man promptly shows up. Personally I insist, contract tutafanya na Bwanake, so acha nirush Thika, I believe nikirudi in two hrs time bwanake atakuwa ametoka hosi so tutaandikishana nimuachie gari on my way back. Na tukaachana hivyo.

    Break ya kwanza nimeshikia hapa kwa gate penye naishi Ngong Kibiko. Ata saa hii nikitype hii story yote niko kwa nyumba tena ndani ya bedroom nimejifungia.

    Guys be extra careful with these thieves.

    Client Details:  0725 586583 – Joyce Nduta

    Reported by: Agrrey Nabulindo

    Group Replies

    G town.


    45 wacha nilale njaa aki


    Watakuibia na wakuchape


    The minute somebody who doesnt know how to drive wants to sign cotract ya mutu,…thats the time to leave


    Wueeh..u was wise kuleft my friend


    Hii ndio shida ya kuishi mashinani brathe🤓🏃🏼‍♀


    Weee Mungu ni wale wa changanya card, farasi, simba, changanya tena, sasa chagua farasi , kula bahati yako.😛


    ati nini Shikanga?hawa ni mpesa fraudsters aisee


    Thank God maze… If client on phone sio client kwa ground hapo hapo huwa naskia something is wrong…. Alafu akianza kunizungusha i terminate the deal asap


    That’s a team that hires cars, not 5o sell but Ile kazi wanafanya ni go around wash wash, mara transformer, mara booster, mara mpesa


    Sounds like a lady I know,they steal tyres za matrailers with her gung.she hired my car for 3 months paying 3k per day mpaka nikamshow anunue gari hio pesa Ni mingi😊😁 I didn’t know yeye hucheza na magari different.mostly they work at night n very dangerous… lastly nilikujiwa na flying squad akiwa dani n after a long investigations n interrogations I was released n she was taken to court… another thing she tried to seduce me lakini sikuingia box😊😁 she has a very big house at soykimau n she well connected with police!


    Hiyo cartel ya,l waizi wa miguu is very dangerous. They mostly operate around mlolongo and syokimau or athi river. They will prefer wish, fielder or Noah. They also target spare wheels of prados /4*4 vehicles zenye zimefungiliwa nyuma. They have assortment of master keys and to unlock the Tyre. Then they go sell at Tyre shops.


    I was dealing with her last month..Axio was arrested at Embu..weeee kesi nayo?


    Some brokers are very daring! imagine somebody who’s in this group took my car to give out to his trusted client later to find it’s this old woman,,am now shocked to learn the lady does not have original id,how did this broker give out my car to somebody who doesn’t have id in the first place?


    True ni huyo very polite n pretends to be very mjanja anakuanga na abstract tu.


    someone here referred a client to me..a probox..gave out my vehicle…only for the client to go harvest spare parts from it and dump it somewhere.Yes at times we may not follow you but the cries and tears of people here will one day catch up with you.



    Reported by: Agrrey Nabulindo

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