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    So i start dealing with this guy, Paul ngunjiri,phone number 0723888050,kianyaga high school alumni class of 2004 a.k.a Prince Njush from njush auto dynamics company.The company apparently deals with car Hire services and general motor vehicle stuff.Im in dire need of a car for about two weeks and we come into an agreement.As I head to pick the car,after my first payment this dude daent answer calls,dosent text back not even a ‘please call me message’.i let it go and he convinces me that he will make up for all the damages.I agree coz we’ve known each other for a couple of years.Again on the day I need to pick up the ca for a week,nigger disappears and keeps on promising to refund me my Muller.Hey,its not much but it’s still my sweat right?.So he is out there running from the cops and many of my friends…anyway,long story short,people change and for you to grow both financially and morally being a con doesn’t really include being a lovely life….On a lighter note.Happy prosperous year ahead and to Prince njush. too.😁


    Reported by: Marques N. Kirocho

    Date reported: January 10, 2017


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