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    MamaG, I got this man through referral for a hire. I work on commission. The first time he paid as agreed and all was well. He came back again and gave me a cheque that later bounced. When I informed him, he apologized and promised to mpesa only to realize he had blocked me please people help me send salams these two to send me the hard earned cash, otherwise, I come out with nothing this end month.
    This man Tikolo:
    +254722337459; and his galfy went in and took a car hire then gave out a bad cheque.
    The galfy, +254723552419 Louisa, had promised to pick it up and clear, she has since blocked and don’t pick the calls.
    Please people, car hire isn’t a matter of life and death. Kama hutoshi mboga, temana!
    REPORTED BY: Mildred Atty Owiso
    DATE REPORTED: March 16, 2020
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