My client damaged my car and dumped it at a hospital

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    Good afternoon members . yesterday i watch as @⁨Aggrey Saf⁩ narrates his story about how lucky he was but i took a second thought and i told myself that it’s not lucky but sometimes it’s a God hand, I have a client who i trusted and believe he is a good person to work with, i have every documents as required and Everytime he needs to extend the car he comes we do it on papers,

    2 wks ago I don’t know what happened to him cos he messed with my new car almost breaking the right headlight which he catered for necessary repairs ,on Sunday he asked me for the same car at evening for a week and I gave him ,

    on Tuesday at 5:40pm he called me informing me that he had been involved in an accident and that he is admitted to pema hospital on a critical condition I rushed to the hospital only to find out that he has only left my car keys there at the customer care desk and my car was fully damaged and fled away. So let not lie to our self that it’s because we know well our clients that he/she is perfect .. it’s only God.

    hii yangu ata polisi wameshindwa wataandika Nini juu haiko kwenye scene na pia haijulikani kama ni mtu wa nduthi iligonga ama Lori au ukuta

    My good fellow, please avoid this 2 people at all costs otherwise you’ll be in a very big troubles! Their phone numbers are as follows 0764804256/ 0779921289/ 0750783944/ 0748130775/ 0725200878. Although I know maybe they will come with the new one but be very careful !

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    This my well known client who did this and runaway👆👆👆👆👆👆ata kwake hayuko amehama

    Kama insurance italipa ni mungu tu


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