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    Why do people take advantage of other people’s business. I hired my car to

    Musalia Vincent

    on the 4th of October 2018@2500 per day. The day he picked the car, he paid 3,500 from the 10,000 he was supposed to pay for the 4 days he had hired after promising to pay the balance the day he was supposed to return the car. He dropped the car and promised to send the money once he withdraws from the ATM. That was the last time I heard from the guy. He went mute on me, every time I called, his old numbers (0782886897, 0722812243 ) were off . Tried communicating on messenger but still he didn’t respond until the day I found out from a source his current number.

    I gave my partner the new number to try and pursue him but still it’s been empty promises claiming he’s overseas and is unable to send money from there. Musalia whether you are in Kenya or overseas Mimi nataka pesa zangu. You had other options to get you to where you were going but you chose to hire. Usivuke mwaka na deni! dawa ni kulipa. His current number is 0782710014
    Reported by: Katie Mwangi
    Date reported: December 30, 2018
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