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    Njoya G. Gichane

    of tel no 0721 955176..owns a car hire service in Ruiru Town,he is a soft spoken con artist,i leased him my car A Toyota Ractis,we agreed on a monthly pay of 40k..The first thing he asks you to send to him is a copy of your pin,id and logbook of the same vehicle..He paid well for the first 8months,then latter he started dogging with the usual stories…fast forward when you preassure him to pay and return the car..he finds his goons advertises the car , sells to naive kenyans who love cheap things using the very documents he asked you to send on the day of contract…uses his crooked cops to arrest the buyer,.Thats where the owner(me)comes in after a fruitless calls texts and 2 months accused of corruding with the buyer so that i can loose the motor vehicle…, but after my story they let me go and i take my broken misused car..Njoya bribes his way doest pay my dues nor repair my car..after alot of pushing he pays kindogo then he agrees in writting to pay my 45.k arrears minus repairs three instalments to date he doesnt pick my calls ,texts nor did he pay as agreed ..Someone tell him to pay up..Be warry of this Car hire services some crooks will steal your cash and your car as well.attached is the lease agrement and the commitment letter he drafted to pay the 45 k he owes me…halooooo..he is on Fb and you can see him on churches with a happy family fed through stealing and conning his clients!!!

    REPORTED BY: Naftaly Wachira
    DATE REPORTED: Dec 16, 2019
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