Kelvin Karanja of Citimark Tours conned me out of 70k

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    Hi bro, I have a guy who has refused to pay me despite hiring my car to him. As at now he has not paid me 20k,and he keeps insisting the car has a tracker, though I told him to remove since I dont want it coz I had installed mine. He too misused my car and I had to spend like 70k to repair it.


    Hi his contacts is 0773021582/0710849824. I hired the car to the guy. Coming to March this year he said he couldn’t been able to pay my money until when he gets cash. We went and made an agreement in the nearby chief office in Kayole about a payment plan and agreed he was to pay me by end month June which he has not done to date. At that time he said he had a tracker he had installed which during agreement we agreed he put the tracker at his cost since I didnt need one since my car had an already installed tracker. I told him to remove the tracker but insisted he didn’t have money and he will be ready to remove it any time, todate he has put this as an excuse not to pay my money, the tracker cost like 5k,but now he says the tracker is worth 20k which he owes me. I have told him to have his mechanic remove the tracker at his cost and gives me my cash, which he adamantly refused to do so.


    This is since March this year. His company is Citimark Tours

    Reported by: Edwin Irungu Maina


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