Hawa wote ni Moto ya kuotea mbali. They are MPESA Fraudsters.

Forums Conning and Money Matters Hawa wote ni Moto ya kuotea mbali. They are MPESA Fraudsters.

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    Some members here are liasing with this fraudsters.

    Am receiving call from one of the fraudster asking why am spoiling her name, yaani someone is risking your car ndio akule 500 gari iende ikafanye wizi.

    Whoever is doing this, siku yako itakuja na utapatana na radi.

    Wewe kaa hapa kwa group kuitisha magari ikafanye wizi na wewe utabaki kua broker with nothing.

    Be ashamed.

    Group Admins, take this seriously.

    Name: Peris Wanjiru – Car Hire Ref By Roy
    Mobile: 0794291215
    Mobile: 0775057756
    Work: 0726750244

    Name: Abie Puritie Ref By Felix Ambeya
    Mobile: 0707283440
    Mobile: 0797740730
    Work: 0786990884
    Home: 0765283440
    Main: 0701651076
    Work fax: 0745286982
    Work: Kenya

    Name: Felistus Syumbua Car Hire Peris Wanjiru
    Other: 0726261029
    Mobile: 0704607555
    Mobile: +254779 446659
    Work: Kenya

    Name: Felix Ambeya Car Hire
    Mobile: 0713279544
    Work: 0740434707
    Mobile: 0770370777
    Home: 0780192161
    Main: 0792147840
    Work fax: 0712595501

    They are MPESA Fraudsters.
    Anaishi kastemil na sana sana utampata dragon 44.
    They are MPESA Fraudsters, watakuja wachukue gari yako ati they do deliveries all over Kenya. But wait until upigiwe na DCIO wameshikwa wakiimbia watu.
    Wanajitoa wanaacha gari wanakwambia uendee and that’s the last time you will hear from them.
    Anatembea na wanawake wawili.
    Josephine & Margaret Kiige.

    They do conning ama hizo za Mpesa.
    Wakijua wamejulikana wanarudisha gari..
    Sasa wewe utapigiwa na DCIO

    I had the car hire documents and their pictures with the car I hired to them.
    I don’t need help I was making awareness.
    Am sorting out my mess.

    Photos of the Suspects


    Posted by: Euken Tours & Safaris
    Mobile Number: 0717135775
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    Am floating. So they hire cars to go steal with it ama? This is so unfair.

    My car has also been caught in the crime of scene once at Kahawa Sukari and the client run away so the car was toyed.
    The other time it was caught while i was with it after CCTV footage was out. I went back to hire agreement and found that it the case client who had left it in the scene. It not easy to deal with such cases especially when you can provide the culprit. His number went off. His name was Augustine Paul Kagechu Maina.

    This means the case is not on him but whoever hired the car. Me hii ujinga wa ngururanio siwezanangi nayo. Kuna vile mtakuja ku hire gari niwaangalie hivyo na zile nyefnyef mnanipea niseme wacha biz ikae.
    In this case i blame you, you coz you give out the lady a car on hire yet she has a driver whom you don’t take documents from. Hii biz unaifanya kienyeji sana. The day ukajipata wameua na gari yako na huna document or agreement like in this case ndio utakua mwisho wako. Be careful, money is not everything.

    😢 sad. Let’s join hands and remove such shit from our business. The car owners..am sure broker doesn’t have any weight as long as commission yake alichukua. But wangu last time walipenya shimo moja na Paul Maina who stole from Wines and spirits shop. Ukiniletea mwizi hata wewe ni mwizi unamtoa.

    It the bitter truth brother. At times wacha tusiwe tunaona tu pesa. Let us also be seeing the value of the thing we are issuing out which is the car, always. A key thing.
    Gari sio mkate otherwise kila mtu angekua nayo.

    Posted by: Sarafina The Boss Lady
    Mobile Number: 0716030734
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