Guys, this guy is a criminal, don’t fall into his traps!

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    Muthanga Joseph Maina, phone no 0728313114. Guys this guy is a criminal, dont fall into his traps! He hired a car from a colleague in August for an initial duration of 5 days but he ended up extending until just last week. At the time of hiring, he claimed he was a fertilizer supplier, kumbe he is just a con, ile group ya Githurai fortefae.

    So last week together with 2 other ladies, he coned someone around Timau, by impersonating that they were Airtel Ke employees and they could register him for airtel money. In the process they swapped his safcom phone no and transferred kshs 15k to their no. Guy realised they were cons just before they could leave so he started screaming to attract the attention of the people around. At that time he was still in the car; they tried to speed off and in the process they pushed him out of the car while in motion at high speed. Guy sustained injuries. Luckily, people were able to mark the no plate of the car so they laid an ambush ahead. Mikora ni mikora tu, they drove for about 2kms only, parked the car by the road and fled on feet. Case was reported at Timau Police Station and the car was towed and detained there.

    I accompanied my colleague to the station juzi, met OCS and the investigating officers. My friend narrated to them everything and presented the hire documents. Again yesterday we went back to meet the complainant. We managed to come back with the car but it was a very costly affair. The criminal is still at large but soon or later he will be apprehended.

    Always be alert good people, seems these crooks are so many out here targeting us.

    Reported by: Aggrey Nabulindo

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