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    Help approve this post admin… I lost my mum who lived in the states and wished to be buried there. So here in kenya we did a funeral service for her as i am waiting to visit the embassy. So my person(man) contacted one guy by the name of Antony whom he said he trusted. This guy was to give us a car for hire to travel with to Kitale. We had agreed for him to bring us Toyota Axio that was on Thursday 19th Nov and i made payment of Kes 10500. The car was to come the same evening as we were to leave the next morning at 6am. Kufika jioni hakuleta gari akasema ataleta asubui by six. Kufika kesho yake akaanza story ooh akuna hio gari tuchukue honda fit which we declined ju hio haingeeza barabara ya village ya kwetu. We coudn’t wait and had go look for another car elsewhere na tukafaulu. Antony promised to refund the cash once he gets to the office which since that friday till sai mse haongei na hashiki simu. Nisaidieni kwa kutuma salams, ntashukuru. His number is 0723026950
    DATE REPORTED: 24/11/2020
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