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    Hi members.. I need your help to get my money from Eric Omondi – the comedian. I do Carhire. On 16th January I hire him my car for 3 days. my driver picked him up from the Moi International Airport, he was to call him or myself on his return on 19th January which he never did. he instead parked on a yellow line put the keys UNDER the car and boarded his flight for Nairobi. The police watched the car from Morning till 11pm when they towed it to the Airport Police. I was called – there were documents in the car that had my number (I was in Nairobi then) I called Eric, he admitted to the mistake (he said he forgot to call since he was late to get his flight) The vehicle could not be released to anyone except myself with proof of ownership.. on my return on 22nd, I went to MIA police station – the above was narrated to me. I had to pay towing 7500/-. Obstruction 5000/- parking for 5 days 2900/-. Noting he caused me to loose business for 5 days – he has refused picking my calls to date… if and when I call using another line, he promises to pay which he has not done. please I need my cash back – he is just being a savage – how do you dump someone car and claim ‘forgot’ then go ahead and not pay.
    His number 0726959111
    Reported by: Wambui Wambui
    Date reported: March 4, 2019
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