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    I would like to put word out there about my car that was stolen very early Sunday morning. I have reported to the police and the car tracking company but there hasn’t been any positive feedback in tracing it, 3 days later. This is the story….
    I bought this car in May 2018 through financing from a local bank. Sometimes this year, I was out of a job & couldn’t pay the loan instalments. I approached the bank for a restructure which they declined at the time. I got into arrears after which which they then sent me auctioneers and the car was repossessed. Fast forward, few months later, I secured a job, took some savings from a sacco and cleared the arrears & got my car back exactly 12days ago (6th Oct 2020). I last parked it at around 10.30pm at my usual spot just outside of the gate of where I live. Woke up Sunday morning at around 11am and noticed the car was not where I parked it. Where I live, there are only 2 parking slots in the compound and so many of us park outside including other blocks of flats around the area. There’s a maasai employed by my landlord who keeps an eye & other security guards around. On interviewing them, everyone says they left at 6am & they left the car there. Caretaker came at 8am & he didn’t see the car. So I’m guessing it was taken between 6 & 8am. I called the car tracking company, they said the tracker was not transmitting so they couldn’t tell where it was. From where I had parked, there was no evidence of a break in like broken glass or anything of that sort. It doesn’t have an alarm but has a cut out. I’m in a dilemma of what could have transpired just 12 days after I got the car back. The car had been in the auction yard for a total of 109 days. I’m so confused and also very scared if at all someone has been either following me or trailing me these last few days waiting for an opportunity to steal it or even car jack me. I have had a single car key since I purchased the car & I never hire it out to anyone. I’ve parked at that same place since early 2019. Has anybody ever gone through this? How does someone even proceed? The car is insured comprehensively. This is a very scary thing & if anyone sees this car anywhere pls DM or report to the nearest police station. The cops say they circulated this countrywide but we are yet to hear any news.
    Reported by: Joy Kibuba
    Date reported: October 20th, 2020
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