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    Anyone who has done genuine business with Moab Biwott – CarHire  on these Prados and V8? Or has anyone been scammed like me?

    Had you not conned me 10k for Prado booking this July, I would not have known how you work with rogue police officers to set up innocent clients for heinous crimes only for you to pretend to be a victim while you the master planner. Lemme write the whole story shortly so that people do not fall for your evil trickery.

    On this day, I linked a friend who had her visiting sister as the client to Biwott. Biwott gave them his car and sent me commissions as usual up to the third day or thereabouts. For unknown reasons he insisted on visiting me at my home to discuss business which I did invite him at my business place next to my house. He requested I take him to clients work place which I did and the client even welcomed us for a drink. Biwott went home.
    Two days later, he comes to my work place with police officers in his car(Wish).

    They have a CCTV clip showing his car following behind a Prado making their way into NIS residential place at lamada ard 10am. The officers guarding the NIS gate open for them.The guy driving Biwott’s parks behind the Prado and goes to the Prado’s driver. They have a chat and he goes back to his car. He drives slowly and the officers open the gates for him and he drives out.

    Moab Biwott  in the company of the officers tells me the car committed robbery with violence. I ask how coz I didn’t seem to understand at what exact point the robbery occured. (Biwott has the clip. Kindly share).

    I promise to help the police by producing the brother to the client. They even promise to release me as soon as I produce the client.
    The following day I take them to client’s brother residence. He’s arrested to help with investigations. He decides to carry his sister’s burden as the car wasn’t anywhere to be found.

    We assume whoever stole the car used it to commit crime perhaps (This is where Biwott comes in later in this narration)
    As usual, police talk to all of us to pay the victim of the robbery with violence where Biwott says atapata 100k haitaki vidole zake zichukuliwe.
    Biwott asks if I can raise 600k tumalize hii story. I laugh hysterically and tell them am at the station to help them join dots and pursue criminals not pay for some alleged robbery. I ask for three novels knowing it’s gonna be a rollercoaster of long days and nights at muthaiga cells and some books would do me good.

    We are taken to court the following day. The police officer is granted 5 more days to investigate on miscellaneous account.
    They refuse to release me and the brother to the client. Biwott tells me he’s been released after giving officers 100k. He pressures me to avoid the court route as this might have Future implications on me in terms of good conduct and all.

    I set aside a million shillings in cash bail and another million in form Bond in case of any eventualities and inform them am going all the way till the Matter is legally settled.
    On the material court date, the amount they were asking for goes to as low as 10k mambo iishe. They even offered to loan me the amount nikitoka niwarudishie. I refuse. They told me the alleged complainant too was unwilling to pursue the court process. I refused. Am arraigned in court together with the client and judge dismisses the matter and closes the file and the police officer is instructed to go and look for the robbers if the robbery actually occured.

    The whole story becomes nauseating to me and I delete both Biwott’s and Client’s contacts upon unconditional release.

    This July needed a Prado in my motorcade to go for a project launch in the village, Moab Biwott saw my post in the groups and beseeched me to place a down payment of 10k as he was in some financial hitches and would supply the car.( I have the messages and calls Biwott asking me to top up the booking amount to 20k) I paid. On the day I was supposed to pick the car, he tells me he’s at Kuria police station he’s been arrested as a driver for clients who had fake money in the car and will not be able to supply.(I have the call recording) Paula⁩, a business colleague saves me with a j150 on last minute arrangements.

    Since then, Biwott has been playing the usual con games with my money. This prompted me to revisit the previous incidence with him at muthaiga police station. I looked for the clients. According to their own investigations, occurred Biwott had an extra key to the car and the rest was as it unfolded. They felt played. If you’ve dealt with him and found yourselves in police station I will share with you the finer details of what I found out how he does his set ups. Deal with him at your own risk whether getting a car or giving him your own.

    Admins kindly carry out your independent investigations and do the necessary.
    It’s important to note I raised this matter with admins sometimes back to carry out their own investigations so that we do not bring personal beefs and witch hunt as members into the groups but help identify those within us who might hurt ourselves and clients.

    Reported by another Car Hire Operator

    I have seen your Story about Biwott, The guy conned us 120k last year.. We gave him a car (Prado J150- KBL), He received payment from the customer but never paid us.
    Thanks for sharing, we need to stop this kind of Cons.

    Supporting Documentation

    Case reported by: Murray Daniels –  0724 559878

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